Visit our two thrift stores Risskov Genbrug and Smukt & Brugt.

Risskov Genbrug
Vejlbjergvej 6 C 
8240 Risskov

Telephone: +45 30683369


Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 5.30 pm.
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm

Risskov Genbrug supports work in Rumania and a school project in Bangladesh along with the church's missionary couple in Pery, Helmi and Felipe Castro.

Smukt & Brugt

Møllevangs Alle 151, st 
8210 Aarhus V

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12 - 5.30 pm.
Saturday: 10 am - 1 pm


Smukt & Brugt opened on March 3rd 2007 and is managed by ApiAid who also managed our former store, Ekkodalens Genbrug, for 4 years. However, we needed more space and decided to move to Møllevangs Alle. Our employees work as unpaid volunteers in the store.

Clothes sold in the store come from many different locations. Some is collected at The City Church, some is collected at church memebers' work places and some is handed in by citizens living in the area.

We are thrilled by all the wonderful clothing items that we receive. A visit to our store will show you that the quality is high.

In the store, we also sell shows, toys, decorative objects, tableware, jewelry, books and much more.

Unsold clothes, shoes and toys are shipped to the Ukraine and Tanzania.

Our slogan is: Bliv velklædt – for små penge (Become well-dressed - for little money)

Smukt & Brugt's profit makes a substantial contribution to ApiAids relief efforts.


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