What kind of church is The City Church?

The City Church is an independent free church.

The differences and similarities between a free church and the state church is similar to those of a free school and the state school. Essentially, they have the same goal (see What we want) but the free church is not tied economically or managerially to the state and as a free church we are self-financed. Also, services at free churches are often more informal in comparison to state churches in terms of the liturgy and style often found in state churches.

The City Church arose in the merging of churches from the Apostolic Church and the Pentecostal Church (see History). Therefore, we have our roots in and strong ties to these denominations. Additionally, it is our wish to cooperate with and have ties to all Christian churches.

The pastors at The City Church are connected to either the Apostolic Church network or Frikirkeleder.dk. A supervisor from each of these denominations is assigned to The City Church. Currently, they are Jacob Viftrup and Tonny Jacobsen.

The City Church is also a member of Frikirkenet which is an umbrella organization including roughly 100 free churches and organizations. Additionally, Frikirkenet publishes the magazine domino of which Johnny Hansen, one of The City Church's pastors, is the current executive editor.

The abovementioned denominations run the following boarding schools and Bible colleges that we highly recommend:



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