BOOKING of rooms in The City Church:

If you need to book a room for an event, please contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below are charts (in Danish) of when which rooms are booked. The first is an overview of all rooms and following this are calendars for every room available for booking.
Clicking the little arrow at the top right of the first chart allows you to see the color matching each room in that chart and select or deselect rooms so that it shows only the rooms you are interested in. Please see the rules for booking at the bottom of the page.

Booking rules

1. When booking, please note any special requirements/circumstances regarding the booking that require special attention, e.g. things other people in the building should be aware and considerate of. Similarly, please show consideration to other users of the building.
2. Clean up after use. The room must ALWAYS be left in the same state as it was found.
3. Under normal circumstances, booking goes by the principle of "first come, first served".

There has to be room for bigger events but if these are to effect daily bookings, the following rules will apply:
The people who have already booked the rooms should be notified as quickly as possible with alternative booking dates. If one of these is not accepted by the daily bookings, the event cannot be forced upon them. However, everyone is expected to be flexible and work towards a solution that works for everyone involved.


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